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(Apr 27, 2012)
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Appia rome

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Via appia Parco Appia anticaVia Appia

Appia Rome park

Archaeological Park of national interest of the most suggestive, witness the remains of a civilization that knew no boundaries and that is handed down by history and traditions of a people who wanted to be a leader and not a mere spectator. Already in 312 BC Rome built its first aqueduct built by Appio Claudio the Blind and then had access to clean water. Then Appio designed and began working for the construction of what would become the Queen of Roads: the Via Appia. The first project involved the connection between Rome and Capua and Terracina starting from Porta Capena, linked Rome to Capua and Terracina, but in 268 BC after the victory over Pyrrhus was later extended to Benevento and Venosa, a Roman colony, until finally arriving first at Taranto and Brindisi in 190 BC After the defeat of Messapi. The Via Appia was a street of new concepts. Not every city across Latin America, but as the old road leading directly to the places thanks to intensive work that the engineers undertook to ensure that we exceed the hills, valleys and rivers. Its about 540 km of paved rested on three feet of smaller stones which ensured the stability and drainage, making it passable in all weather and for many centuries. Her hips were built funerary monuments important for its time as the tomb of Cecilia Metella, tomb of the Scipios, and many of the most important catacombs. Now the ancient Via Appia, has become a protected archaeological park of 3,500 acres, closed to traffic and transformed into the largest pedestrian street in Rome, which extends in the south-eastern area of the city of Rome between the Via Appia Nuova and Ardeatina the way, to the area of the city of Ciampino and Marino. The park's main path is the route of the Via Appia Antica, the ancient Queen of Roads between the Consular. And 'possible to cover it on foot or by bicycle because the park is closed to traffic on Sundays and public holidays and is going to lose you want to spend an entire day with the whole family in one of the most beautiful landscapes of world to experience the history and intense emotions in a context that celebrates the greatness of Rome. Huge archaeological treasures and green routes, cycling or walking with confidence and listening to stories that will inspire you places.

Main routes walking or by bike:

- From Porta Capena to Cecilia Metella and Caetani Castle The route is divided into two sections: the first outside the Park, the second inside. To understand the close link between the monumental center of Rome and the Appia Antica, the ideal entrance to the park becomes the ancient Porta Capena, then the walk winds between walls of the suburban estates of post-Renaissance Rome: is the "road through the vineyards" described by the famous map of 1748 Giovanbattista Nolli. On weekdays from Porta San Sebastiano at Cecilia Metella on the Appia Antica is open to traffic and there is no adequate space for pedestrians. We recommend that you go inside the Catacombs of San Callisto, whose entrance is located between Via Appia Antica and Via Ardeatina.

2 - From Cecilia Metella to Casal Rotondo On foot or by bike for a direct contact with the monuments of Roman civilization through the "Queen of Roads": the uninterrupted sequence of the tombs of many different types, the largest Roman villa in the suburbs, the villa of the V Quintili miles and more large circular tomb of the Via Appia, the Casal Rotondo VI miles. 3

- From Casal Rotondo Frattocchie A walk among the monuments of Queen viarum with a backdrop of the Roman countryside. And 'here that the road has side fences agricultural. The view takes in the great estates of the Roman, to the Castelli Romani. They transcend the boundaries of Rome to enter into those of the towns of Ciampino and Marino. - Tombs of Via Latina One way to approach another important artery of ancient Rome, the Via Latina. Still visible and a well-preserved stretch of the original flooring lined with funerary monuments, within which you can see stucco decorations and frescoes of exceptional value.

4 - The Aqueducts Sandwiched between Cinecittà and Fourth Mile extends a green area of 15 hectares of remaining a part of the Roman countryside that originally linked the Colli Albani and the gates of the city. Here stood a good 6 of the 11 aqueducts that supplied the ancient Rome.

Via Appia Antica park open from Monday to Saturday from 9.30 to 13.30 and from 14.00 to 17.30 (16.30 in winter) and on Sundays and public holidays from 9.30 am to 18.30 pm (August and winter).