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(Apr 27, 2012)
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treja adventure park


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Treja adventure park

This new adventure park is located on the outskirts of Rome in Mazzano Romano - Monte Gelato and is a first for sports enthusiasts, wich give you at the same time nature and fun .

Indoor recreational-sports activities take place in an area of wooded trails suspension of varying difficulty.

All tours are conducted under highly professional security equipment (with harness, helmet and lanyard) which will be worn under the guidance of highly qualified personnel.
The six routes are divided into two routes only for children with a height of 1 meter and 1.40 and four routes for children and adults up to 1.35 m.
In addition to adventure trails you can hike, archery, environmental education, orienteering, and activities whose purpose is the formation of the group.
For children aged 6 to 12 years, the park becomes a fun and unique alternative to traditional summer camp with different activities every day. A great  vegetation, cut tufo on which there are ancient graves, wild forests, characterize the landscape of the valley Treja for its particular landscape became the scene of numerous historical setting adventure films such as westerns, ancient Romans movies and Zorro!
The forest preserve the sacred atmosphere that ancient peoples  like Etruscans and Falisci gave him and guard the graves of these ancient peoples. The path is proposed, which lasts three hours and the most simple, revolves around the most beautiful park in the Roman side.
Starting from the center of Mazzano Romano, near the park office, visible as soon as you cross the portal, which marks the entrance to the old town, take the marked path 001 to the south, in the direction of Monte Gelato waterfalls (the entrance is on the right of way of the wheel).
The path follows the contour of the river, cross a small tributary, reaching a little below the furnace. The manufacture of bricks is one of the few left to witness a traditional activity in the country since the sixteenth century, motivated by the presence of important clay pits. Even today there are baked bricks and tiles in the old way. Continuing along the trail crosses a hill with terraces of stone where, at times, the route is marked in the tuff. After some slight ascents and descents through the woods, we meet a second tributary that has an easy ford. Leaving on the right where route 004, which heads towards the Fountain Salsa, continue straight. We'll have to cross an area with many streams of water and very muddy during the rains, at which point you cross the river, passing on a cross of stones and logs. It is located along the opposite bank of the river Treja, where you will have to overcome another tributary before reaching, finally, the waterfalls of Monte Gelato. Here you will view the beautiful landscape: the water that falls on a steep gradient of the rock, and a pond below the mill up to the ruins of Castellaccio and the route of a ancient Roman road.


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