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(Apr 27, 2012)
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Rome Sea acquarium


acquario di Roma


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Sea Life Rome Acquarium  

with Lazio Family Welcome 

Coming soon, to open in September 2016 Rom Roma Sea Acquarium,  the roman acquarium is a great multimedia work that inspire young and old people. About 5000 specimens belonging to one hundred marine species from the seas, thirty tanks filled with more than one million gallons of water and a structure of over 14 000 square meters, developed under the artificial lake of Eur in Rome. The project  Mediterraneum will be  a great opportunity to learn all aquatic species live within walking distance from Rome.

Mediterraneum is the largest in Italy and among the first in Europe for innovation spaces and variety of aquatic animals. The Sea Life Aquarium Rome unfolds along a path of salt environments and sealed in an envelope of transparent acrylic to live a truly immersive experience for both children and adults. "Come to the Sea Life to create a true immersion in marine life and helps them understand the importance of conservation and respect of our seas. " The hyper aquarium Rome. Indeed, the term aquarium is simplistic, because it will be imagination and technology at the service environment. Rise in the EUR artificial Lake. Visitors will have the feeling to dive into the abyss. To welcome there will be a spectacular waterfall and enter the museum through a tunnel of clear acrylic.
Once inside, a series of moving walkways lead the visitor to discover the wonders of the Mediterranean Sea. Through the halls of 16,500 sqm and tanks, more than 9 meters deep, you will see gray reef sharks, grouper reef, barracuda and all species present in the Mare Nostrum. We observe the depths of Israeli and Moroccan coast. You will walk alongside the continental slope and abyssal plain. You will admire the most spectacular of the Italian coast: from Portofino to Tuscany, from the archipelago of La Maddalena to the reserve of Ustica.
The facility will be technologically advanced and equipped with multimedia systems. You can try the touch pool. That direct contact with fish and marine organisms. Futuristic robotic fish equipped with cameras and sensors, will review and monitor sick animals, or endangered, which populate the curative baths to be reported later in their natural environment. Extremely advanced equipment will project virtual images of Mediterranean fauna. 
In short, it will be a real diving.


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